Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Program Week #4, By: Amber Beatty

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:
1.We Prepared our windows by sanding them, taking the hardware off and  taping the Windows off which allowed us to practice the responsibility employ ability skill by being responsible in getting our work completed and done correctly.
2.We also had an manpower meeting and in that meeting we discussed the first of our three topics, which will allow us to practice the communication and professionalism employ ability skills because we are communicating with our career coaches in a professional way and in a professional place.
3.We did our estimating of our glass so our manager Nicole Lesser knows how much glass we will need for our window this ties into the accountability employ ability skill because we are being held accountable for getting our estimates in to Nicole so she can get us our glass for our window.
2.We got together our images for out Milwaukee statement and put together the collage that's going to go on the outside of our window.
3.We also got our frame color.
4.We blogged about the week before.
5.Some groups also started laying down their glass.
THIS WEEK, our team is going to accomplish the following:
1.We Will start laying our glass and gluing them on.
2.We will Be blogging about last week and this week.
3.We also will be doing our performance evaluations.
The employ ability skills for this week are:
-Staying on task
-Accepting constructive criticism
-Communicating and giving feedback and,
I really like my program so far. It's so fun and exciting I never really knew how the real work world was until I came here and then I finally opened my eyes and realized this is a serious work place and it's not just teaching us how to do art its teaching us how the real world is going to be in a real life work place just like this.
It was kinda easier than how I expected it to be but it's still REAL work not just play work or volunteering. I really feel this has changed the way I think about the REAL WORLD.
I just really want to thank Nicole for opening my eyes and letting me see the real life work force or should i call it REAL WORLD!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Program week #3, by: Deionate Houston

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:
  1. We made color choices and made the measurements for the window, which allowed us to practice the initiative employability skills by, taking a task into our own hands and finishing it, with little or no questions.
  2. We had our Performance Evaluation with Nicole, which allowed us to practice our constructive criticism taking employability skills by, taking and accepting constructive criticism from Nicole.
  3. We also took constructive criticism from our co workers, which allowed us to practice our co workers constructive criticism employability skills by us not only being able to take criticism from our employers , but as well our co workers.
THIS WEEK, our team is going to accomplish the following:
  1. We will be finishing our glass estimates for the colors, which will allow us to Practice our Co operative employability skills by us having to work hard together on one thing and finishing it at a certain time.
  2. We will be going to man power on Wednesday, which will allow us to work with our career coaches for that day and talk about our choice we chose last Wednesday.
  3. We will be beginning to work on putting the glass down and setting everything up to get started seeing it all come together, which will allow us to practice our productive employability skills by us keeping our focus on one task at a time.
  • i think the program is a good improvement for me.
  • i thought it would be kinda hard to draw.
  • working with people and taking directions.
  • i wont to see my team to move on and finish measuring so we can move on and put glass down on it .

Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 1 & 2: By Quran Bellamy

During the first week we accomplished many important and needed tasks such as....
  • Fundamentals day
  • Employment ethics
  • Ice breaker-human knot game
  • Setting Performance goals
  • Practiced interviews: We have to learn more about our community and the people who live there
  • Wrote interview questions
  • Ice breaker-drawing
  • Talked about career coaching
  • Started beginning sketches
  • Paired up with fellow interns for practice interviews

Employability Skills We Practiced.....
  • Communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Collaboration skills
This week our team will...
  • Learn how to blog about current activities
  • Get sketches of our window designs ready
  • Go to ManpowerGroup to meet our career coaches
  • Pair up with another intern to create template for windows
  • Finalize color choices for our windows
  • Create color estimates (how many colors will be needed)
Employability Skills: This week we will be practicing skills such as.....
  • Self reliance
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Initative
Personal Thoughts:
During these 8 weeks I really want to pick up better job skills and learn to become a better artist and not only do it for the money but for the experience and the knowledge that I will gain by working with the Lead Artist. -Quran Bellamy

Congratulations to the Intern Team!

Under the guidance of Lead Artist Nicole Lesser and Assistant Artist Haley Anderson, the following 8 Interns were hired for the "Window To Your Community" program at ArtWorks:
  • Quran B., Montessori High School
  • Amber B., Messmer High School
  • Deiontae H., Wisconsin Conservatory for Lifelong Learning
  • Jeff R., Washington High School
  • Shrina R., Pulaski High School
  • Ia T., Burbank High School
  • Panfua T., Greenfield High School
  • Josh W., Milwaukee High School of the Arts
Good luck! Can't wait to see what you create!