Monday, July 18, 2011

Program week #3, by: Deionate Houston

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:
  1. We made color choices and made the measurements for the window, which allowed us to practice the initiative employability skills by, taking a task into our own hands and finishing it, with little or no questions.
  2. We had our Performance Evaluation with Nicole, which allowed us to practice our constructive criticism taking employability skills by, taking and accepting constructive criticism from Nicole.
  3. We also took constructive criticism from our co workers, which allowed us to practice our co workers constructive criticism employability skills by us not only being able to take criticism from our employers , but as well our co workers.
THIS WEEK, our team is going to accomplish the following:
  1. We will be finishing our glass estimates for the colors, which will allow us to Practice our Co operative employability skills by us having to work hard together on one thing and finishing it at a certain time.
  2. We will be going to man power on Wednesday, which will allow us to work with our career coaches for that day and talk about our choice we chose last Wednesday.
  3. We will be beginning to work on putting the glass down and setting everything up to get started seeing it all come together, which will allow us to practice our productive employability skills by us keeping our focus on one task at a time.
  • i think the program is a good improvement for me.
  • i thought it would be kinda hard to draw.
  • working with people and taking directions.
  • i wont to see my team to move on and finish measuring so we can move on and put glass down on it .

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