Monday, August 22, 2011

Program Week #8, by: Shrina Roberts

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:
1) We finsh our smaller projects and finsh the touch ups.
2)Started makin signs for our block party.
4)We started storting out the glass that we used for our moasics and started lableing all of the supplies.

THIS WEEK, our team accomplished the following:
1)Finsh making signs for the block party.
2)Empolyee reveiws
3)Make final artist statements
4)Fill out feed back servey
5)Entire staff meeting regarding the block party plan.
6)Take pictures and create a Flicker set.
7)Take pictures of our work to put for out artist statement.

So far, from the begining of the job me and my peers has came a long way and learned new things.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Program Week #7 By: Ia Thao

Last week, our team accomplished the following tasks:
      1.  We grouted, polished the window, framed our collages and made our candle holders. We posted reports on our thoughts so far at Artworks and we had our last Manpower Meeting.
      2.  Employability skills for that week: responsibility, productivity, accountability, self direction, communication and collaboration, problem solving skills, and initiative.
This week, our team will accomplish the following tasks:
      1.  Finishing window completely, creating additional mosaic projects, blog, working on final artist statement for block party.
      2. Employability skills for next week: Responsibility, productivity, accountability, self direction, communication and collaboration, problem solving skills, and initiative .

I like this program very much and i was very lucky that Artworks picked me to work here. It's always fun to meet new friends and making mosaic window.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our thoughts thus far about the Artworks for Milwaukee program

By: Amber Beatty

I really like Artworks. It helped me see art in a whole different perspective. I thought art was just drawing and painting about your feelings and what you see. Artworks took art to a whole other level. I've never done a mosaic before, and I caught on suprer fast. I really love doing a mosaic, and it never occured to me that you can do anything if you really put your mind to it. I also learned that a mosaic isn't somwhting you can do right away. There are steps that you have to take.
I also enjoyed my career coach. My career coach helped me find outwhat jobs fit me best for the future. She really opened my eyes to life and the future world. I'm really excited about what my project will look like after i finish it and when I sell it. I really want to tell the world that we can make a change. I really want the kids my age to know that you can chsnge the world with the messages you send to the younger generation. If the younger kids see you doing bad things they will want to do the same. I told all my friends about how much I love my job and they told me they want to do they same thing next summer. I told them that it's a new way of expressing your feelings to the world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our thoughts thus far about the Artworks for Milwaukee program

Panfua Thao

          In the beginning, one thought that I had about this project was that making this mosaic window would be easy. However, as time progressed, I started to think differently. There are many steps to make a mosaic window and as each step passes, it kind of gets harder. It's not so hard that I would struggle with the mosaic project though. In the present, I can tell Quran has difficulties with the step of putting the glass on the mosaic window, so I have to help him. Another thought I have is that I think the project isn't better or worse than at the beginning of my time here at Artworks. However, because of Quran making some mistakes with the step of putting the glass on the mosaic window, I think the project needs to be fixed, and we should prevent any further mistakes. An additional thought I have is that when I told my family and my cousins about my job, some didn't know what a mosaic window was. I told them it's basically just putting glass on window. Then again they still didn't understand, so I had to show them a picture. Then they finally understood. After knowing what I did at my job, they were all jealous because I was able to do something that I liked, that I get to make an awesome mosaic window, and get paid for it. Another thought I have is about the career coaching at Manpower. I believe that I will learn a lot about careers and about how to be a professional. Plus, I believe that I will learn a lot about how to write a resume. I hope I will learn how to write an efficient resume, so that I can get accepted to a decent job. Another thought I have is that I need to work a lot on communicating. I may have trouble with talking to others and talking in front of people, but I'm getting a little better at it. I hope that I'll improve by the end of this program. In addition, I learned a lot about how to make a mosaic window. I've never made one before, but I'm kind of surprised that I'm doing a great job on it. It's kind of complicated, but I think it's easy. The part I find difficult is the step of putting the glass on the window. I hope that once we're finished with the mosaic window, it would look remarkable. There may have been mistakes, but Quran and I tried to fix them and will try to prevent them from happening again. All in all, I hope that I will learn a lot of things from this program and from the Manpower career coaching. Plus, I hope the mosaic window will turn out looking awesome after Quran and I finish it.

Quran Bellamy

at the begining of the project i was really bervous. I was kind of scared to talk and socialize with new people.The beginning of the project was sort of boring because all we did was draw alot of templates, make chages, and did alot of measuring. As the project moved on it became more fun; as we started picking our colors and windows.This summer, one thing that was very new to me was going to manpowe, I have never had a carreer coach. For the rest of the project and carreer coaching i am excited  for the exprience. I think that this will be a very rewarding experience. For people my age that are interested in art I would telll thrm to do it because in the end you will feel better about yourself and your mosaic. Learning emplyanility skills wasn't very hard to do because the skills we needed to learn we a;ready knew how to do. So far, I have learned that you have to pay very close attention to detail otherwise your project wont turn out the was you invisoned. I've also learned that you have to be patient. While doing career coaching, I have learbed that you must be professional at all times while at work or during interviews. I've also learned that you must make sure that you are prepared with everything you need. Artworks is very interesting, ao my family and friends are always aking "what do you do at your job ? '' I tell them that i am making art glass windows. Most of my family says its cool, but my friends say 'cool I want to work there.'' Sometomes when I'm at work I find myself frustrated with my work and I have to double check to make sure its done right. I feel like if i dont it wont be perfect. Other than that I feel that the project is comming along very well because every group has been laying glass for a few days. Knowing what your doing is important because if you dont you wont like your project. In conclusion, I am very appy with my window, and the way its turning out. My job is a good one because its very unique  and "artful". Another thing I enjoy are the people i work with . They are really making my summer so far.

Shrina Roberts

I have experience working in a group setting on a project that has taught me how to be more detailed and reliable to finish a project. With this project I have been able to find out more information about a mosaic window. I have shared the information with my mother and family about learning how to make a mosaic window. By working on this project, I have been able to learn how to complete something I started working on. By attending the Career Coaching at Manpower, the information has really set my mind on applying for college in a whole new way. I am able to work with a career coach during my school year. I look forward to attending the meetings on Wednesdays. I suggest to anyone who would like to take on a new form of artwork to try the mosaic window. You will gain alot of ideas, and be able to put your thoughts into a different meaning. So far, our project is coming along nicely. My partner and I are making a mosaic on how the world should come together to make peace. When I first started working at ArtWorks, it was kind of hard because I never knew what a mosaic was and it isn't as easy as you think just to glue glass on a window. So far, I think a mosaic is a creative way for making a point and a new form of art. The most difficult thing so far with employability skills would have to be communication. For me I guess I should put more effort into putting my ideas out more than just listening to others put theirs out.

Ia Thao

In these past 4 weeks, I've been working at Artworks on the mosaic section. It's been a very busy and fun summer this year because Ilearn something new everyday. For example, Ididnt know that before making a mosiac window, you have to have a story behind it and try your best to make it real. This project is getting better since the beginning of my time here at Artworks because at the beginning everything seemed so boring and time went slow, but ever since we started to sand the wood and put the colorful glass onto the window, time went so fast that before you realized it, it was break time.
                       Working at the mosaic section, is not just about learning how to put glass onto the window, but you get to meet new friends. For example, almost every week on wednesday, all the interns from Artwork meet with their career coach at Manpower, Inc. Each intern had 3 topics to be covered, but in the second week, we just covered the first of three topics. I've learnedmany new things from my career coach, like how to find a job that fits me, things that describe mt attitude, and what my goal are for the future.
                        The most exciting and fun things I learned from the program were when we put the glass onto the window and meeting our career coaches. It's always fun to have somebody help you think about your future like my career coaches does. She helps me alot! I want others to know that this project is not just about doing your job and getting paid; it's all about having fun, making new friends, helping each other, and still getting paid. It's not like anyother job.
                         Many of my friends and family members had asked me what is my job was about, how much iget paid, or how many hours I workand Ialways asked them, "Do you know mosaics?" They say no so i tellthem they are those pictures on winows at church that hve many colors. They are like, " Oh". I also tell them that Igetpaid $7.50 an hour and works 5 hours a daywhich is 20 hours a week. They reply " That's nice, and you get paid well too. Damn!"
                         The most difficult thing so far that i know about this program is when we first started to plan our idea, it just so stressful. As time goes along, my partner and I work very hard to connect our ideas together to make a good piece of art together. No we both are on the step where we are just putting the glass onto the window.
                          I'am so lucky that they picked me to work here because hundreds of teenager wanted to work here this summer , and out of the hundred, I was one chosen. Working here, I can save money for my own goods. This job is just like taking art class at school but its a little cooler because school art doesn't have that much money to provide enough glass for the students. I love working here!

Joshua Wilson

                       My project for Artworks has been a wonderful experience for me so far. While having fun, I have learned great employee work ethic. Artworks helps me enhance my work ethic everyday. Now with experience, I can have an awesome resume and everything to back it up. The mosaic process is what I think is the best.Trying something new is sort of one of my stongest suits. Sure, it can get difficult at times with no experience, but it gives me even more experience in the end. So far, the mosaic process is hard and challenging, but fun. I have learned that you also need a huge amount of patience and persistence.
                     Manpower has increased my questions and answers a lot more of them; dealing with my future and college choices. I am more than excited for my following Manpower meetings with my career coach because I'll be working on my resume, which will increase my chance when applying for my next job. I only have a problem in one area of my employability skills, and that is responsibility. I would recommend this experience to anyone else. So far, I have talked to all of my family and friends about this wonderful program experience. This program has given me that extra step that I needed in life.I will take advantage of this entire learning process because I am so thankful. I will do my best everyday.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Program Week # Six, by: Joshua Wilson

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:
  1. We did Manpower's second meeting, which allowed us to practice pprofessionalism employability skill by showing and producing young adult manors.
  2. We edited our reports, which allowed us to practice productivity and accountability employability skills by working hard to accomplish a task and move it out of the way, to move on to the next task.
  3. One of our pairs in our team finished laying all of their glass down, which allowed them to practice ddedication, and productivity employability skills by showing that even though they finished a big part of the project, they know not to stop until its all done.
  4. We did our blogging meeting, which allowed us to practice communication and collaboration employability skills by showing that we can communicate accepted ideas and unaccepted ideas which we all express our feelings about in a well placed manor which it is settled friendly.
THIS WEEK, our team is going to accomplish the following:
  1. We will do grouting, which will allow us to practice collaboration employability skill by using team work to create a nice clean slate for the windowed piece.
  2. We will be continuing to lay glass, which will allow us to practice productivity employability skill by keeping our noses to the grind stone and never giving up.
  3. We will be done laying our glass by Thursday, which will allow us to practice accountability and self direction employability skills by making sure that we are always on task at all time, to make sure that we either finish by then or earlier.
PERSONAL FEEDBACK: (From Joshua Wilson)

  • I like this program so far and i feel that it enriches me everyday because we practice a skill everyday.
  • Laying the glass down has been easier than I expected out of everything else.
  • Dealing with my partnership skills has been a little bit tougher than what I expected.
  • I am very appreciative of this wonderful opportunity to have come my way, and am very sure of how this will help me in my future persistence of a job. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Program Week #5, By: Panfua Thao

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:

1. We laid glass, which allowed us to practice the accountability employ ability skill because we are being held accountable for staying on task and finishing our part on laying the glass on the mosaic window.

2. We blogged.

3. We were assigned a homework assignment. We had a choice to write a two page report or type a one page report that reflected our thoughts or opinions on the first four weeks of the Artworks program.

4. We had our performance reviews.

THIS WEEK, our team is going to accomplish the following:

1. We will continue laying glass on our mosaic window.

2. We will have a Manpower meeting on Wednesday the 3rd of August about our second of three topics, which will allow us to practice the communication and professionalism employ ability skills because we are going to communicate with our career coaches in a professional way.

3. We will be writing or typing our final draft of the homework assignment we received last week.

4. We will post the final draft of the report in the Blog sometime this week.

The Employ ability skills that we have practiced last week, and that we will practice this week are

1. Listening
   -Receiving Feedback
2. Communication
   -Giving Feedback
3. Accountability

-I am learning a lot from the Artworks program. I already learned about some career choices that would fit my personality In addition, I am learning the steps of creating an amazing mosaic window! I have never made one before, which is why I am excited to make a mosaic window and finish it completely. I have also learned how to be professional. As this program progresses, I hope I will learn more on how to communicate with people, and that I will learn how to give feedback.