Monday, August 1, 2011

Program Week #5, By: Panfua Thao

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:

1. We laid glass, which allowed us to practice the accountability employ ability skill because we are being held accountable for staying on task and finishing our part on laying the glass on the mosaic window.

2. We blogged.

3. We were assigned a homework assignment. We had a choice to write a two page report or type a one page report that reflected our thoughts or opinions on the first four weeks of the Artworks program.

4. We had our performance reviews.

THIS WEEK, our team is going to accomplish the following:

1. We will continue laying glass on our mosaic window.

2. We will have a Manpower meeting on Wednesday the 3rd of August about our second of three topics, which will allow us to practice the communication and professionalism employ ability skills because we are going to communicate with our career coaches in a professional way.

3. We will be writing or typing our final draft of the homework assignment we received last week.

4. We will post the final draft of the report in the Blog sometime this week.

The Employ ability skills that we have practiced last week, and that we will practice this week are

1. Listening
   -Receiving Feedback
2. Communication
   -Giving Feedback
3. Accountability

-I am learning a lot from the Artworks program. I already learned about some career choices that would fit my personality In addition, I am learning the steps of creating an amazing mosaic window! I have never made one before, which is why I am excited to make a mosaic window and finish it completely. I have also learned how to be professional. As this program progresses, I hope I will learn more on how to communicate with people, and that I will learn how to give feedback.

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  1. The blog is looking pretty good, and I especially like each of your personal feedback.

    Can we get some more pictures up? How about some film?