Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our thoughts thus far about the Artworks for Milwaukee program

By: Amber Beatty

I really like Artworks. It helped me see art in a whole different perspective. I thought art was just drawing and painting about your feelings and what you see. Artworks took art to a whole other level. I've never done a mosaic before, and I caught on suprer fast. I really love doing a mosaic, and it never occured to me that you can do anything if you really put your mind to it. I also learned that a mosaic isn't somwhting you can do right away. There are steps that you have to take.
I also enjoyed my career coach. My career coach helped me find outwhat jobs fit me best for the future. She really opened my eyes to life and the future world. I'm really excited about what my project will look like after i finish it and when I sell it. I really want to tell the world that we can make a change. I really want the kids my age to know that you can chsnge the world with the messages you send to the younger generation. If the younger kids see you doing bad things they will want to do the same. I told all my friends about how much I love my job and they told me they want to do they same thing next summer. I told them that it's a new way of expressing your feelings to the world.

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