Monday, August 8, 2011

Program Week # Six, by: Joshua Wilson

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:
  1. We did Manpower's second meeting, which allowed us to practice pprofessionalism employability skill by showing and producing young adult manors.
  2. We edited our reports, which allowed us to practice productivity and accountability employability skills by working hard to accomplish a task and move it out of the way, to move on to the next task.
  3. One of our pairs in our team finished laying all of their glass down, which allowed them to practice ddedication, and productivity employability skills by showing that even though they finished a big part of the project, they know not to stop until its all done.
  4. We did our blogging meeting, which allowed us to practice communication and collaboration employability skills by showing that we can communicate accepted ideas and unaccepted ideas which we all express our feelings about in a well placed manor which it is settled friendly.
THIS WEEK, our team is going to accomplish the following:
  1. We will do grouting, which will allow us to practice collaboration employability skill by using team work to create a nice clean slate for the windowed piece.
  2. We will be continuing to lay glass, which will allow us to practice productivity employability skill by keeping our noses to the grind stone and never giving up.
  3. We will be done laying our glass by Thursday, which will allow us to practice accountability and self direction employability skills by making sure that we are always on task at all time, to make sure that we either finish by then or earlier.
PERSONAL FEEDBACK: (From Joshua Wilson)

  • I like this program so far and i feel that it enriches me everyday because we practice a skill everyday.
  • Laying the glass down has been easier than I expected out of everything else.
  • Dealing with my partnership skills has been a little bit tougher than what I expected.
  • I am very appreciative of this wonderful opportunity to have come my way, and am very sure of how this will help me in my future persistence of a job. 

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